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Meet Gretchen

Girl Tribe Worldwide Founder  

Gretchen is a single mom of two beautiful boys, a CEO, Board Member and Chief Member.  Her journey was not an easy one, but Gretchen has always been passionate about helping women move one way, up. Either personally or professionally it has been a passion of hers to extend a hand and pick up as many women as possible. Through her own life journey, she struggled with abusive relationships, putting food on the table for her children at times, and poor financial planning for her future.  It was at lunch one day with her best friend Alessandra Emanuel, also single and over 50, that they joked about becoming the "Golden Girls", living, traveling together, taking care of one another.  Realizing that there are many women who are over 50 and find themselves single and wondering, what's next?  This was the start of Girl Tribe Worldwide, we are stronger protecting our futures together. 

At Girl Tribe Worldwide our mission is to create a global community that supports and celebrates women of all backgrounds.  We strive to foster a supportive and inclusive environment where we can connect, inspire, travel, share resources, ideas, and anything we need in our tool kit to not just survive but thrive.  We want to take away the fear that you may have to do this alone, because you won't, you have Girl Tribe Worldwide. 

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